Masonite is a financial tips and investing blog primarily written by me, Ella.

What started as a hobby (investing) has become something of a devotion and I have learnt from some great mentors as well as plenty of trial and error over the 20 years I’ve been investing.

Believe me when I say I’ve had my fair share of rookie losses as much as I’ve had big wins and acted on solid research and advice.

It’s that advice I now want to pass onto others to help them begin their journey, because I was a beginner once too.

The share trading and investing market can be a daunting place littered with pitfalls and what I crave is to pull down that intimidating mask to reveal an industry that can be understood, simplified and even enjoyed. Heck, I never believed that this would mean enjoyment for me when I started out all those years ago.

Occasionally I’ll get some of my friends and mentors to contribute to the blog who have far more years experience and much more savvy nouse in certain aspects of trading than yours truly – so keep an eye out for those as I’m sure they’ll be special.